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                        Wine, Food, Cultural and Photography Tour of Sardinia, Italy

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                        April 29, 2020 (Wed)

                        View full itinerary, below


                        神州牛牛Cost: Double occupancy April 29 to May 14 USD 5949 -- April 29 to May 9 USD 4715

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                        Off the beaten track: Through a lens, discover this ancient island, recognized as one of the WORLD’S BLUE ZONES. On this trip, tailored for lovers of photography, you will be astonished by the beautiful scenery, cuisine, wines and culture this island has to offer.Join this exclusive tour of multifaceted Sardinia, led by professional photographers Stephen Patterson and Eugene Mio, together with Italian Wine Society President Rodolfo Meloni, Sardinian-born traveller and wine and culinary expert. Spectacular photographic opportunities are complemented by wine tasting and gastronomic feasts during your trip to this ancient island


                        Transport between airport and hotel

                        Exclusive transportation with chartered buses and jeeps

                        神州牛牛16 or 11 days on three plus, four-star accommodation with breakfast

                        15 or 10 four courses gourmet dinners including wine and mineral water

                         Attend cultural events, Wineries visits with tastings, Photo excursions, workshops and discussion 

                            Cagliari – Saint Efisio festival; flamingo colony;

                            Roman city of Nora; mines near Iglesias; dunes of Piscinas

                            Arbatax神州牛牛 – spectacular Mediterranean coastline

                            Barbagia神州牛牛– mountain region with remote canyons and villages,

                            shepherds, wild boars and wild goats

                            Santa Teresa Gallura (Lunar Valley)神州牛牛 – rocks sculpted by nature; islands

                            in the Maddalena archipelago, including Caprera, home of Garibaldi

                            AlgheroCapo Caccia; Stintino; and the island nature reserve Asinara,

                        神州牛牛    a haven for white donkeys


                        DETAILED TRIP PROGRAM

                        (Please note that this program could change slightly )

                        Wed.April 29:  In the early afternoon, Welcomed by Stephen, Gene and Rodolfo at Cagliari Elmas, Airport  you will be transferred by the chartered bus to the hotel

                        神州牛牛Following a rest, around 7.30 pm you will proceed  to the hotel restaurant for the first four courses Sardinia dinner.

                        神州牛牛Thur. April 30 After breakfast,  Around 6.45 AM we will depart for the nearby national park where guided by a Park Guide we board at 7 AM electric minibuses to commence a three  hours visit and photograph this national habitat where almost a colony of about 20 thousand flamingos chose this natural park as their home to lay and hatch their eggs. From there we will visit the San Benedetto market, reputed to be the second largest fish, meat and vegetables closed market in Europe.  Continue to the Poetto, the 10 km Cagliari beach for lunch in one of the many small restaurants along the Poetto. With stores closed for the siesta between 1 and 5 PM we could return to the hotel or relax  at the beach until 5 PM to continue with a walk the old part of town located in the old city facing its port where we will have supper at one of the good fish restaurants there . Return to the hotel

                        Fr.May 1st: This day in Italy is  also Labour day. After reaching with our bus the centre  of the city  we will be seated in one of the many private  bleachers reserved seats set up for the event  along the parade route to admire and photograph the Sant 'Efisio Fest. Nothing can match the sight of more than 5000 people dressed with ancients.,different and colourful Sardinian Costumes  winding their way thru the street of the capital city as their ancestors did without interruptions since 1656

                        神州牛牛The festival has deep historical roots, and celebrates the Saint to whom the people of Cagliari turned after a devastating plague in 1652 that killed half of the city people.. With the Parade over around 1-2 pm we could by bus go to Barumini to visit the UNESCO site to see the 3000 year old Nuragic site. Return to Hotel for dinner.

                        神州牛牛Sa.May 2nd: After breakfast depart  to Arbatax: On the way to Arbatax we will stop at Marina di Gairo Coccorrocci  beach , a 4 km pebble beach shaped by time, This area, a pearl of Marina of Gairo is characterized by a beautiful mountainous natural landscape that looms over the coast  with  their red porphyry rocks and juniper trees filling the place with inebriating scents. The multicoloured pebbles ranging from white to  green from gray to pink disappear in the crystalline sea that thanks to the clear water you will see the bottom fauna and flora.

                        Leaving Marina di Gairo after lunch we continue to Arbatax. After arrival at the hotel, following the check in we continue for an excursion to photograph the magnificient red rocks. Return to the hotel for dinner  and overnight stay in Arbatax.

                        神州牛牛Su.May 3rdAfter breakfast , from Arbatax will depart by jeeps to explore in the mountanous area of Barbagia one of the world Blue Zone, Where since 2014 a cluster of small area villages holds the Guinness record for  the world's longest-living men. During a walk In the town of Villanova you will be able to meet in the town square some of these old people that are very available to chat with you.

                        After lunch we will reach reach Campo Oddeu the entrance point to the Urzulei mountain.. where we will stop u will stop to photograph the peaks of Silana mountain. Visit one of the many Sardinian Giant Tumbs, a remain from the Nuragic era. We continue with a visit to a Nuraghe andmiring the view side of the Supramonte. Around 5 PM we will leave to the BB farm Predas Rujas nearby Posada. This place was discovered by Anthony Bourdaun . During one of his food shows in Sardinia,  by spoking very highly about the place, this BB farm soon became famous, After checking in my we will proceed for dinner and experience what my friends Laura and Giampaolo  prepared for you.

                        神州牛牛Mo.May 4th. : 8:00 am departure from the Agriturismo Pedras Rujas in off-road vehicles. - 9:30 am arrival in Funtana Bona in the Supramonte of Orgosolo. - 10:00 am arrival at Monte San Giovanni at 1316 meters, a beautiful viewpoint over the whole Supramonte and the Gennargentu. - 11.45 am departure for Monte Fumai. - 12:15 pm visit a sheperds settlement ,site of the  important film on Sardinia banditry  titled Bandits in Orgosolo, by Vittorio De Seta:. - 1:00 pm lunch in the locality of Maheddu in an old larder room used as a sheepfold - 3 / 3:30 pm departure for the town of Orgosolo. - 16 / 16:15 arrival in Orgosolo, visit to the murals - 6:45 pm arrival in Torpè at the Agriturismo Predas Rujas.  

                        神州牛牛Tue. May 5 Day without long journeys to discover some treasures of the Barony. The morning will be spent with the shepards, from milking to pecorino cheese, and to making ricotta. Hands on Pasta making Class demonstration of Sardinian cuisine and carasau bread baking.  visit to the pompìa fields of the municipality of Siniscola, one of the rarest citrus fruits in the world, a slow food presidium since 2004, from the fields we will visit a producer who will assist us in the processing of the traditional pompìa dessert and in addition guided tasting of sweets and other pompia-based products. In the afternoon excursion to the old lighthouse of Capo Comino or to the historical center of Posada or the beautiful beaches of Berchida and Bidderosa , Around 5PM excursion on Montalbo to admire the sunset from Punta Cupeti, one of the most panoramic points of the Barony. Return to Preda Rujas.

                        Wed May 6,  Good Bye from Predas Rujas, departure to La Cinta beach in San Teodoro, with a photo shooting of Tavolara Island, After a light lunch departure by bus for Palau to photograph the Bear Rock followed by a brief visit to the town., Continue to Santa Teresa  and check in at hotel. With Lunar valley nearby it is recommended  photo shoot  of the Lunar Valley rock formation

                        Th.. May 7th:  Early morning photo session at Capo Testa, in the area of ​​the lighthouse, and the Lunar Valley. Departure to Palau to board the ferry to La Maddalena. Arrival at La Maddalena for a panoramic tour of the island with some photo stops. Tour of the Maddalena archipelago, Departure by boat for tour between Spargi and Budelli, photo stop at the pink beach. Continue to the island of Caprera to visit Garibaldi’s house . Around 18.00 hrs return by ferry  from Maddalena to Palau. Return at the hotel in Santa Teresa, for dinner and overnight staying..

                        Fr.. May 8th: Mid morning departure to Stintino with brief stop in Castelsardo, From Stintino by boat we arrive at the Asinara Island. This island today is a natural protected area, not long time ago it was the top maximum security prison in Italy. On a jeep guided tour of the island we will stop to photograph Cala Sabina, Cala Arena and the famous wild white donkeys’ After the prison closed  it has been trasformed in a hostel where we will eat and spend the night there. .

                        Sa, May 9th  Morning departure from Asinara to Stintino,with photo stops in the area of ​​Capo Caccia, If weather permits we will visit the Caves of Capo Caccia reached by boat or by walking down almost 700 steps. Afternoon visit of Alghero a famous town occuppied  for almost 500 years first by Catalunia and later by Spain after tthe marriage between  the King of Aragon Ferdinan II and Quen Isabella of Castille, that united the two kingdoms in today’s Spain. This town is very famous as a destination point  for British tourists. Today alongside Italian, Catalan and Spanish  have  a semi official status..Stop for dinner and overnight stay in Alghero 

                        神州牛牛Su May 10th Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Cagliari, after a stop in Bosa we will stop in Cabras a on the west coast . Arrive in Cagliari with dinner and overnite in hotel. 

                        神州牛牛Mo, May 11th:  Today we wil visit the West coast of Sardinia, a place of largest sand dunes in Europe Return to the city by travelling on the costal west route of South Sardinia.

                        Tue May 12th: After breakfast we will depart to San’Antioco a fishing village one of the few places in Europe where the slaughter of tuna (mattanza) is an old, traditional method of fishing for blue-fin tuna, Evening return to the city for dinner

                        We. May 13:  Relax with photo tour of the city of Cagliari, Return to hotel to pack for next day return to Canada.

                        Thu, May 14th  Early morning transfer to the airport for a Rome-Canada flight

                        April 29 – May 14, 2020 

                        神州牛牛16 days, 15 nights Cost: Double occupancy: US 5949 Single occupancy: US $ 6500

                        神州牛牛April 29 – May 9, 2020

                        神州牛牛11 days, 10 nights Cost: Double occupancy: US 4715 Single occupancy: US $ 5110

                        神州牛牛For more information, Please contact:

                        Rodolfo Meloni () 902-440-4813

                        Eugene Mio () 902-488-3241

                        Stephen Patterson (stevephoto@eastlink.ca) 902-329-1471




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