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                          Rave Reviews

                          "Local Wine Events has been amazingly helpful for us over the years and we’ll continue to post all of our major events in the future."

                          Wes Guernsey | Tasting Room and Compliance Manager CANA'S FEAST WINERY

                          "You guys are terrifically responsive and that just makes life easy for us so thank you! "

                          Jo Armstrong | Hope Family Wines (Paso Robles)

                          "Local Wine Events has been very helpful in not only helping us to sell out events but introducing travelers and new residents in town to our shop through wine events."

                          Gina Trippi | Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing! http://www.metrowinesasheville.com/

                          "You are an amazing asset to the world of wine and spirits events..."

                          LEE HEALY | Lee Healy Marketing Communications

                          "Hi Eric, Thank you so much! Your website has been such a helpful tool for our tastings. I really appreciate you featuring them. We'll keep the event postings coming. "

                          Lauren McPhate | Fine Wine Specialist Tribeca Wine Merchants www.tribecawine.com

                          "Hi Eric, Wow! Thank you so much. I REALLY love your site. Super easy to navigate and love the content. "

                          Lisa Pidge | Founder/Producer The Laugh Cellar™ Crushers of Comedy™ Direct Line: 415.350.6433 TheLaughCellar.com

                          神州牛牛"Wow, thanks Eric! We appreciate your service and always get good results. "

                          DEBBY PHANEUF | Columbia Gorge Winegrowers Association

                          "I am a consumer, or should I say a “wine consumer.” I love what you do! I just attended the Amador Four Fires Festival, thanks to you. AMAZING FUN EVENT! Keep up the good work. "

                          Lori Voelker | California

                          神州牛牛"We’re really enjoying your site. Thank you! "

                          Heddy Kuhl | Heddy G Kuhl The coffee farmer's daughter JavaVino www.javavino.com

                          神州牛牛"I already use your service all the time and love it! Thanks for all you do, you are a huge help to my wine bar! "

                          Tamara Jorgensen, Owner- | Grapes in a Glass in Canton

                          "I have been meaning to say this for a while - I am totally impressed by how responsive Local Wine Events is as a business. I mention that regularly and often."

                          Peter Fland | FRENCH BROAD VIGNERONS, frenchbroadvignerons.org/

                          神州牛牛"Wow, Eric, That was quick! No need to extend… we will only have music through Nov 1. Thank you for taking care of it – I really appreciate it! Love your service and am happy to tout your web site to our customers… All the best, "

                          Nancy Deliso | 868 Estate Vineyards (703) 476-8266

                          神州牛牛"Thank you, Eric. By the way, advertising through Localwineevents seems to be paying off. I'm still collecting data, but I believe 3 or 4 of my French Wine Scholar students in Manhattan heard about the course through you. Haven't had my first Westchester class yet. Cheers, Ned "

                          Ned Towle, Director | Westchester Wine School, www.westchesterwineschool.com

                          神州牛牛"Thank you so much for how our advance ticket sales were handled. There were no problems and the sales reporting made the check-in process a breeze. I look forward to next year and utilizing i2sq8kc.icu again. It was a pleasure dealing with you."

                          Amos Eppihimer | Chairman, Red Barn Winefest Fombell, PA

                          神州牛牛"i2sq8kc.icu offers a lot -- much more than I thought."

                          Bonnie Bartlett | Charles R Vineyards-- Livermore, California

                          神州牛牛"Hi Eric Just letting you know that I've been using your event mgt. for years and tell people who ask why my wine events are well attended! You're part of my equation... Just thought you should know! Chris "

                          Christine Zecker | New England Regional Manager Purple Wine Company

                          "Hi Eric, Just to let you know that we appreciate the featured Event listing for Bra-VinO and received at least one dozen inquires from your subscribers. I know that so very many more have seen it :-) We sent out e-vites to our database. So far, we have about 100 RSVPs. OneHope Wine has been most generous in providing the VinO. Keep up the good work. THANK YOU! Ciao, Paula "

                          Paula G. Cullison President / Founder | Arizona Women's Partnership, Inc. www.azwp.org

                          神州牛牛"[Our 2013 Wine and Food Event] was hugely successful, our largest attendance ever. Your service has worked flawlessly ever since we started using it 4 years ago and has been an integral part of the event's growth. "

                          Brett Hubbard | Western Supermarkets -- Birmingham, Alabama

                          "Eric, I want to especially THANK YOU for promoting our Rock River Wine Fest. I had comments of customers that found the info on your page. Just wanted to let you know cause I like to know how people found out. Keep up the good work and we truly appreciate it. "

                          Edna DeWitt | Calico Cottage~Rock River Winery Promotions for the Rock River Wine Fest and Winter wine Fest

                          神州牛牛"Dear Eric, We just completed the 3rd Wine Time at the Colony on Saturday. Presenting a wine tasting event for the first time in September 2012 was working in such new territory for our company which has presented a festival of History and Craftsmanship for 30 years. It was difficult to choose the best media, best resources to reach the wine consumer. Now, with 3 events completed, I have to tell you that i2sq8kc.icu is the #1 place for me to communicate with the type of customer we want to invite to our events. Next year, we will utilize your other programs. I understand now the value they will add to our advertising investment. Our first year attendance was about 300 in Sept. 2012. Our June 2013 event was 550. Last weekend over 1,400 attended. We did our best to make everyone feel welcome. Now, I can truly say thank you... and cheers!"

                          Beth Rush | Wine Time at the Colony

                          "Thanks so much Eric. We were thrilled with how smoothly everything went - and your reports are the BEST! We'll use you again next year and we plan our event to be twice as big! Sue"

                          Sue McCarville - chairman Raspberry Beerfest | Hopkins Lions, Box 701 Hopkins, MN 55343

                          神州牛牛"Thanks, Eric. Your postings always bring in a new customer and sometimes as many as 3 first time attendees."

                          Jack Smith, C.S.S., President | METRO ATLANTA SCOTCH CLUB

                          神州牛牛">...with your site's help, our event was uber successful and raised seed money for many of the ongoing projects in our downtown area…"

                          Cornelia M. Wilder | adams 205 / funky art cafe & catering

                          "I will add our Ventura County business to your Resource Directory神州牛牛. We are finding that The Juice has been our most effective advertising so far! It seems to be on our target markets' radar. We are going to invest in upgrading what we do on the site."

                          Bill Quinn | General Manager, Cuvée Terrace, Westlake Village, California

                          "Fabulous customer service once again! I’ve truly enjoyed using your site for this event and can report record sales on our end as well as click thrus to our website via LWE compared to years past Thank you Eric "

                          Shannan Reid | Director, Historic Montgomery Business Association, Wine & Music Fest

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